ThinQ is a thin quartz engineered stone series, consisting of slabs cm 305x140x0,7, created thanks to Santa Margherita's long experience and to its particular attention for research and development. In this way, ThinQ gets features never seen before in such a thin material, and outstanding performances of weight, as shown by the following comparison:

Standard quartz slabs Thickness 3 cm 78-80 kg/sqm
Standard quartz slabs Thickness 2 cm 48-54 kg/sqm
Standard quartz slabs Thickness 1,2 cm 32 kg/sqm
ThinQ Slabs Thickness 7 mm 17 kg/sqm

Thanks to its properties, ThinQ can be used in multiple applications, revolutioning the creative concept of interior design: ThinQ maintains the same technical features that have made the quartz-based agglomerates famous and well spread all over the world:

Water absorption ≤ 0,10 %
Mohs hardness 5-7 Months
Density 2000-2500 kg/cubic meter
Abrasion resistance 25-34 mm
Chemical resistance >cl. C4
(according to standards EN14617-1, EN101, EN14617-1, EN14617-4, EN14617-10)